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Aly Raisman Is Showing Us Her Killer Body In Sports Illustrated Magazine-It Is A Must See

Aly Raisman is featured in the 2017 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and she looks rocking. The 22 years old Olympic medalist admitted that she was ridiculed when she was younger and called all sorts of name . 

<p>Raisman <a rel="nofollow" href="">blushed when shown some of her </a><a rel="nofollow" href="">sexy <i>SI</i> photos</a>, and we’re guessing that this was one of the shots that gave her pause. Quite a difference from the bun and sparkly leotard we saw at the Olympics, no? (Photo: James Macari/SPORTS ILLUSTRATED) </p>

At this stage in her career she has racked up six medals at two Olympics, and she is proud to say that her hard work and discipline have helped her along the way . 

<p>Raisman has declared the photo of her hanging off the side of a wall her favorite of the shoot. “I just love it,” she told <i>People</i> at a bash to celebrate the issue. “I just feel like I’m a model. My legs look so long. I was really proud of it, because I don’t look 5’2” in there.” (Photo: James Macari/SPORTS ILLUSTRATED) </p><p>At the same event, Raisman revealed to Fox News that posing for the swimsuit issue is something she’s always wanted to do. “[I] can be strong and sexy,” she said. “I don’t have a perfect body but I like it [and] feel confident.” (Photo: James Macari/SPORTS ILLUSTRATED) </p>

The  gold medalist is not taking anything back as she shows off her  hot body, adding that she worked hard for her it and much proud to show it off .

<p>Whoa, the Massachusetts native is ab-solutely fabulous! (Photo: James Macari/SPORTS ILLUSTRATED) </p>

She wore from two piece swim suit to nothing but a tiny bikini pantie. and making some acrobatic moves while posing for the camera.

<p>Raisman’s specialty is her floor exercise routine, which requires tumbling passes, dancing, and plenty of grace. The trait also came in handy for this pic. (Photo: James Macari/SPORTS ILLUSTRATED) </p><p>Just a shiny thong stands between Raisman and the camera in a snapshot of the “Final Five” team captain getting ready to do some pushups … topless, of course. (Photo: James Macari/SPORTS ILLUSTRATED) </p>

In a magazine interview in 2015,  Raisman  admitted that she struggles with body insecurities which she deals with in a positive manner, “I think imperfection is beauty,” she added.

<p>Raisman has admitted that she struggles with body insecurities like the rest of us, but she has a positive way of framing them. “I think imperfection is beauty,” she told <i>SI</i> back in 2015. “Instead of being insecure about my muscles, I’ve learned to love them. I don’t even think of it as a flaw anymore because it’s made me into the athlete that I am.” (Photo: James Macari/SPORTS ILLUSTRATED) </p><p>Look at those calves! Think we’ll see Raisman at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics? (Photo: James Macari/SPORTS ILLUSTRATED) </p>

 (Photo: James Macari/SPORTS ILLUSTRATED)

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