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Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence Came To Promote The Movie “Passengers” Not Sex

Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence are promoting the movie “Passengers” but  not having  it with all this  interview questions about having sex.

The  “Passengers” co-stars prematurely ended the interview with Australian radio show KIIS Summer Fling,  after one of the hosts, Sophie Monk, asked them,

“Your characters have sex on the kitchen table. What’s the most adventurous place you’ve had sex?”  Pratt, 37, replied “airplane,” in a heartbeat.

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Monk then asked Pratt how he was able to angle himself, then Pratt replied “I hung from the ceiling by my feet, like a bat”.

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When Monk asked Lawrence, she replied, “I don’t really have anything, I like being safe. That’s what really turns me on, being safe.”

The hosts can be heard having a short argument over how naughty the interview  had become, and then turned back to continue the interview but Pratt and Lawrence have already exited.

“Sophie, what did you do?” co-host Matty Acton asked Monk. “I didn’t do anything! We ran out of time and I wasted good time on stupid questions” she replied.

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The interview begins at 42:22. Skip to 47:50 for the question which prompted the actors to exit.

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Below is the Trailer of the Movie “Passengers”. Available in theaters now

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